Revolutionizing Test Case Design and Generation with AI: Strategies and a Real-World Demo in Jira

Join us as we delve into the future of software testing with our talk on 'Revolutionizing Test Case Design and Generation with AI.' Discover best practices, tackle traditional challenges, and witness a live demo of the AI Test Case Generator. Elevate your QA process to new heights with AI.

Revolutionizing Test Case Design and Generation with AI: Strategies and a Real-World Demo in Jira
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Revolutionizing Test Case Design & Generation with AI: Strategies and a Real-World Demo in Jira


In the rapidly evolving landscape of software testing, the design and generation of test cases presents a significant bottleneck. Traditional approaches often lead to extensive time investments, inconsistent methodologies across teams, overlooked test scenarios, compromised test coverage, and inherent biases. This talk delves into the heart of these challenges, proposing innovative best practices for test case design and generation to mitigate these issues. Furthermore, we will showcase a cutting-edge solution: an AI-Powered Test Case Generator for Jira. This demo will illustrate how integrating AI can not only address these challenges but also set new standards for efficiency and effectiveness in test case design and generation. Attendees will leave equipped with actionable insights and the knowledge to leverage AI in transforming their test case development processes.

Target Audience

This presentation is tailored for software testers, QA engineers, test managers, and technology enthusiasts interested in enhancing their test design processes. Whether you're grappling with the inefficiencies of traditional test case design and generation or seeking to adopt the latest innovations in software testing, this talk will provide valuable insights and practical solutions.

Objectives and Takeaways

  • Understand the Core Challenges: Gain a comprehensive understanding of the prevalent challenges in test case design and generation, including time constraints, inconsistency, missing scenarios, and impact on test coverage.
  • Learn Best Practices: Discover best practices in test case design and generation to enhance efficiency, consistency, and coverage, while minimizing bias.
  • Explore AI Solutions: See a live demonstration of an AI test case generator and learn how AI can revolutionize test case design by exceeding current best practices.
  • Actionable Insights: Leave with actionable insights on implementing AI in your test design and generation processes, including steps to start, tools to use, and strategies to integrate AI seamlessly.

Content Outline

  1. Introduction to Test Case Design Challenges (5 minutes)
    • Time consuming
    • Variability in writing styles
    • Overlooked test scenarios
    • Impact on test coverage
    • Introduction of bias
  2. Best Practices in Test Case Design (5 minutes)
    • Strategies to standardize processes
    • Techniques to ensure comprehensive test coverage
    • Methods to reduce time and bias
  3. Demonstration: AI Test Case Generator (10 minutes)
    • Introduction to the AI tool
    • How we used AI to overcome traditional challenges
    • Live demo showcasing the generation of test cases
  4. Q&A Session (10 minutes)
    • Open floor for audience questions, encouraging interaction and discussion.
  5. Closing Remarks and Resources (5 minutes)
    • Summary of key points
    • Sharing installation links, how to request demos, and contact information for further engagement.

Engagement Strategies

  • Live Demo: A real-time demonstration of the AI Test Case Generator for Jira will serve as a practical example of applying the discussed principles.
  • Q&A Session: An interactive Q&A segment will allow the audience to delve deeper into specific areas of interest, fostering engagement and participation.
  • Resource Sharing: Providing attendees with access to tools, demo requests, and contact information encourages ongoing learning and application post-talk, and free access to the AI Test Case Generator for Jira.


In an era where the pace of software development continually accelerates, the traditional challenges of test case design and generation—time consumption, inconsistency, overlooked scenarios, and bias—become more pronounced, threatening the quality and efficiency of testing processes. Our presentation, "Revolutionizing Test Case Design & Generation with AI: Strategies and a Real-World Demo," directly addresses these issues by introducing an AI-powered solution that not only mitigates these challenges but also sets a new benchmark for best practices in test case design.

This session is essential for anyone involved in software testing and quality assurance, offering a blend of insightful analysis, practical best practices, and a live demonstration of the AI Test Case Generator. Attendees will leave with actionable strategies to enhance their test case design process, leveraging AI to achieve unprecedented levels of efficiency and coverage.

Join us to explore how AI is transforming software testing, equipping you with the knowledge and tools to lead the charge in innovation and quality assurance within your teams and projects.

Speaker Biographies

Ash Conway - Co-Founder

Ash Conway started out as an award-winning designer and art director with a distinguished career spanning Australia to Europe. After transition from advertising into technology executive roles, he contributed significantly to the tech industry, working for giants like Cisco, SAP, and Dell, contributing to over 100 million in sales revenue over a decade. Progressing from corporate technology positions to entrepreneurial ventures, Ash has spent the last 11 years at the helm of Bugwolf, a successful software testing startup. Under his leadership, Bugwolf has scaled to millions in annual revenue, partnering with world-leading brands such as NAB, HSBC, and Telstra. Ash's passion lies in the intersection of AI, ML, software testing, and design. When not pioneering solutions to save the world from catastrophic software bugs, he enjoys tennis, paddle boarding, or riding his electric mountain bike, embodying his commitment to innovation and the great outdoors.

Frank Ziegler - Co-Founder

Frank Ziegler's career is a testament to his enduring passion for technology and innovation. With a Master's Degree in Computer Science, majoring in AI/ML, Frank was at the forefront of the early 2000's tech revolution, developing some of the first content delivery and payment solutions for Verisign and Fox Mobile. Over two decades, Frank has spearheaded numerous digital and technology projects, programs, and products, amassing a wealth of experience in delivering multi-million dollar initiatives, and launching his own companies. His work spans startups to well-known Australian brands including Telstra, Coles, and Target, reflecting a diverse portfolio. Frank's entrepreneurial spirit is matched by his commitment to leveraging technology for productivity, automation, and AI. In his personal life, Frank is a rock climber, guitar enthusiast, and devoted father, always seeking to balance his professional achievements with his passions and family life.

Company Overview

The AI Test Case Generator by BakeQA revolutionizes software testing by harnessing advanced AI and LLMs to convert user stories into test cases directly within Jira and Azure. This innovative solution streamlines QA workflows out-of-the-box, enhancing efficiency in test case design, test case generation, and management. BakeQA empowers teams to elevate software quality and accelerate development cycles, making it an essential tool for modern, fast-paced software delivery environments.